Welcome to Sugarloaf Ridge Farm

Are you interested in eating quality nutritious seasonal produce?

At Sugarloaf Ridge Farm, we’ve been busy over the last 6 months creating new gardens and planting vegetable crops ready to supply. Our bio-intensive market garden is based in Axedale (Victoria), and is built on a natural system that supports life and increases fertility.

Building and maintaining strong, healthy soil that is full of beneficial microorganisms is the foundation of developing nutrient rich food. We use certified organic seeds and compost and grow a diverse range of vegetable varieties. 

Is eating local and knowing your farmer and where your food comes from important to you?

We are committed to providing high quality produce to our local community and excited to be able to share our love of gardening and growing nutritious food with you. You can read more about our farmers and our farm on our website and can also find out more about us on Instagram.

Would you like to sign up for our weekly Salad Green Box?

We now have a limited number of weekly Salad Green Boxes available (mixed salad, vegetables and herbs). Initially this will be a small box, however over the spring and summer this will increase in both volume and variety.

At this stage your order will need to be placed on a weekly basis and you will receive an email with a link to an order form allowing you to select produce to fill your box. In the future we plan to move to a subscription system with discounted options for committed weekly customers.

To order your box, head over to Kitchen Garden Boxes and follow the links.

If you have any questions please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.

Brian, Jonas and Frida

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