Summer Crops & Baby Carrots!

The weather is warming up and growth on the farm is really moving along. We spent today preparing garden beds to plant summer crops like tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchinis and melons.

This means adding lots of compost to the garden beds to provide nourishment to the soil and plants. In turn this creates great tasting produce. We also add other natural amendments to the soil like seaweed, and ground rock minerals to encourage strong, healthy growth of the soil microbiome, which in turn supports healthy plant growth.

It has been a pleasure to catch up with you all as I deliver your salad boxes and it is a real highlight of the week as I bring quality food to your homes, and I thank you all for the opportunity. I am very grateful.

Each week we are planting more diversity on the farm, both more edible crops to add to your boxes and flowers to attract beneficial insects and provide nectar and pollen sources for pollinators including our honey bees.

Next week Baby Carrots will be available in the Family Salad Green boxes, which we are excited about as carrots can be a tricky crop to get right and are always a favourite around here.

There’s no substitute for a sweet home grown carrot!

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