Asian Greens – Bok Choy, Tokyo Bekana & Tatsoi

The Asian greens are growing beautifully and we are ready to share them with you next week. Keep an eye on our instagram over the next few days for images and inspiration for using these versatile greens.

Most of you will be familiar with Bok Choy and how to use it, and perhaps Tatsoi too. I hadn’t heard of Tokyo Bekana until recently and this is the first crop of Tokyo Bekana we have grown at Sugarloaf Ridge Farm.

Tokyo Bekana was first cultivated in Japan and is a descendant of Chinese loose-heading celery cabbages (pe tsai). I’ve only eaten it raw at this stage and it has a very mild peppery/mustard flavour, with the stems having a nice juicy crunch which I enjoyed. It could very well be used as a lettuce substitute!

I plan use it in some other ways of the next couple of days so I’ll report back on that.

The following will be available for order next week.

Bok Choy

Tokyo Bekana (Chinese Cabbage)


Broad Beans


Romaine Lettuce

New Red Fire Lettuce

Coastal Star Cos Lettuce

Salad Mix

Flat Leaf Parsley

Tuscan Kale

Baby Spinach


Carrots Baby (Family Salad Green Box)

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