Rice Paper (Spring) Rolls

The Tokyo Bekana was so nice raw that I decided I wanted to keep it that way so I decided to use it in some spring rolls. I’m not the best spring roll “roller” but it’s always fun making them and of course eating them.

I chopped up the Tokyo Bekana, some Spring Onion and Radish. Then striped the leaves of some Moroccan mint, Coriander and Vietnamese mint. Bron and Lucy like smoked salmon in their spring rolls so I tore some up to include. I also prepared some bean noodles by soaking in boiling water.

Almost any fresh vegetables are good in these rice paper rolls, but I found it quite satisfying to limit the range we used this time. I think getting the proportions of ingredients in the spring roll right is important. A lot of the Tokyo Bekana and the noodles and a little bit of everything else…

Ingredients for the rice paper rolls.

Bron and I then went about filling and rolling the spring rolls. The trick here is to not fill the rice paper too full, practice here is the key. I almost always overfill mine, but they still taste great!

I also made a dipping sauce from some fermented chillies from last season, a bit of honey from our bees, some tamari and sesame oil and sesame seeds.

Our beautifully imperfect spring rolls.
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