Crunchy New Salad Characters!

Summer is here and whilst the tomatoes, zucchinis and cucumbers are still growing, we still have plenty of spring produce for you to enjoy.

Tokyo Bekana is back again! Our customers really liked it last time around and will be pleased that it is back again. It’s a rock star though (lives fast and dies young!) so it wont be around for long. For more info check out this earlier post

Kohl Rabi is coming onto the scene this week. This is one our family favourites. We usually use it raw, shaved or grated into salads or slaws. It can also be used in many other ways but raw is best!

Kohl Rabi

The lettuces this week are new ones – Jester and Magenta.

Jester is a crisphead lettuce, bright green leaves with red splashes.

Jester Lettuce

Magenta is another crisp lettuce with attractive bronze leaves loosely surrounding a bright green heart.

Magenta Lettuce

Produce available this week:

Kohl Rabi (white)

Tokyo Bekana

Lettuce – Jester

Lettuce – Magenta

Spring Onion

Baby Beetroots

Rainbow Chard



Salad Mix

Tuscan Kale

Carrots – bunched

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