The Mud, The Cockatoos and The Frustrated Farmer

There are some things with in our control and there are some things that are not. The weather and animals are two things that are definitely outside of our realm of control. At the moment we are struggling to move around the market garden without slipping over due to the mud, in fact just last week I did just that and knocked my pelvis out of whack. Fortunately I know a good chiro and I’m feeling a lot better now.

This morning Jonas and I discovered the damage caused by some marauding cockatoos, which decided to use their secateur beaks to prune our garlic crop at ground level, it looks like we’ve lost about 20% of it. They’ve also destroyed a whole lot of kale plants, which my mate Mick would probably congratulate them on! However for those of us who enjoy eating the green vegetable it means a bit less of it for the spring time. A few beetroots, lettuces and red cabbages where also lost in the raid. The most frustrating part of the whole thing is that the cockatoos don’t even eat the food, they just wreck it, and leave it lying around for us to clean up. Tomorrow I’ll be spending some time erecting bird netting over the remaining crop after filling the gaps with new seedlings.

Really I should have expected it after all last year the blighters decimated a row of broccoli plants at about the same time of year. At least this season they have left these alone. Perhaps a better farmer would have preempted the attack and put protection measures in place early. That will be future farmer Brian!

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