Micro-Greens are Back!

The good news is that the micro-greens are back after a weeks hiatus. The radish and broccoli are continuing to grow well as micro-greens. We now have some beetroot micro-greens to add to the mix this time around. It has been interesting working out the new nuances to the different crops and we look forward to offering the extra variety. There are currently carrots and parsley growing and are we have just sown some red mustard and mizuna. We’re looking forward to seeing how these new crops go.

This week we need to give our carrots a break to develop some more size. We think we’ve done pretty well to have carrots available for so long. With some better planning next year we should’t run out at all. Hopefully it won’t be long and carrots will be back on the list. We have some locally developed purple varieties in the ground which we are looking forward to tasting when they’re ready.

Excitedly there is a small amount of broccoli available, this is a sprouting European variety called Umpqua. I’m told it should produce a good sized main head, followed by many side shoots. Our Umpqua main heads are a little small, but look ready to pick to me. Hopefully we get some nice side shoots following up later on. There is also some really nice looking Hong Kong Broccoli ready for harvest. This small headed, tender variety is one that we use the whole plant (minus the roots!). It is great in stir fries, steamed or in salads. Yum! One of the best tasting broccoli varieties in my opinion.

It’s Bron’s birthday today so we planned on a day trip tomorrow. Due to the lockdown obviously we’ll be staying at home. That should mean that I’ll be able to get a few more jobs done on the farm. Perhaps I’ll continue on with the greenhouse project. I’ll make sure to post a proper update on it in the coming days.

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