It’s Starting to Feel Like Spring!

The bees are buzzing in the almond blossom and the sun is shining. Spring is just around the corner and the mud is drying out. This week the tomato seeds have been sown, and tucked into the heat bed to germinate. Tomatoes need protection from the cold, but we also need to get them in early enough to get a harvest as soon as possible in summer. We are continuing to expand our existing garden beds to create more growing space. With spring on the way this job is becoming more urgent, particularly because we are running out of places to plant! I guess this means we will have plenty of produce in the coming months.

Our green house project is progressing and we should have the plastic cover on in the next week if the weather behaves and gives us a still day. It’s a bit challenging to manage a 40 square metre sheet of polythene in the wind! Once we have the greenhouse built it will open up opportunities to expand our propagation capacity and therefore increase our overall production of vegetables. Of course this puts even more importance on getting the new garden beds ready to grow in.

This week we will have some nice Sugarloaf cabbages ready to harvest. These little beauties are not too big and should be delicious in a coleslaw or sautéed with some butter and black pepper. There are also some baby parsnips coming on to the list. These are a real treat, and have a great flavour. I can attest to this as we had some baked earlier this week. After the broccoli harvest last week there are some side shoot coming on and these are also available, quantities might be a bit of a juggle but we’ll see how it goes. Hopefully there will be an ongoing harvest of these.

I did spot some asparagus spears poking their heads up yesterday too. Keep your fingers crossed that we have enough to share!

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