This Weeks Exciting Goings On

It’s been busy at Sugarloaf Ridge Farm this week. We have been working on the greenhouse. It has most of its skin fitted now. We just need to install the doors and the roll-up sides and it will ready to use. It seems to take a long time to do these infrastructure projects in between all the other jobs that need to be done to keep things growing.

We have also had some new solar panels and a battery system installed. This should mean we are now self sufficient for electrical power. Most importantly we are now able to keep things running when the grid is down, which happens from time to time. Now the water supply and cool room will not be interrupted when the mains in off.

Rainbow chard and chives are back for a new season and we still have plenty of Sugarloaf cabbages. I made a mistake and didn’t put the parsnips on the Vegetable order form last week. I’ve rectified that so you can add them to your boxes now. We also have some nice quality Pak Choi ready this week. We have got a few Romanesco broccoli heads coming on too. If you choose broccoli shoots you might be lucky enough to score one. We’ll see what we can do.

The micro greens have been going well and we seem to have worked a few tricks out to getting them to produce more consistently which is nice. They are quite popular so we will be keeping these going.

Instagram is always a great way to keep up with what is going on the farm and we try to post regularly. Please click the images below and follow us if you don’t already.

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