It’s Berry Season

Now that summer is here, so are the berries. We have started harvesting the Silvan and Young Berries as well as Boysenberries and Raspberries. You can order some from the fruit section on the website to add to your veggie box.

Also new this week are zucchinis, whilst not quite as exciting as berries they do also herald the beginning of summer, and the start of a new season of produce. The tomatoes are starting to form their first fruits but will still be a while off, as are the chilli plants. Capsicums will be a little further away, as will the cucumbers this year – they have been slow to get going. With the warmer weather everything is growing fast including the lettuces, and we are reintroducing some whole lettuces both the mini cos, which we’ll have in a twin pack, and the Magenta which is large enough on it’s own. Both are beautiful crunchy salad lettuces.

The pumpkins have finally gone in, as have the beans and the garlic harvest is done for another year. I’m sure many of you are enjoying the new seasons garlic. We should have enough in storage to keep us going for some months!

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