What do I do if I’m committed and I’m going away?
Let us know and we can pause your Kitchen Garden Box for up to two weeks. If you are going to be away for longer consider gifting your box to someone else for that period of time. Just let us know. 

What if I don’t like something included in the box?  
We encourage everyone to try our produce even if it is something you wouldn’t normally eat. Our blog has many recipe ideas for you to try using our produce. However, we understand that there are some foods that just don’t agree with us. Each week as a Committed subscriber you will get the option to make changes – swap something you don’t want and we’ll substitute it for something you do want. 

Is delivery included in the price?
Delivery within Bendigo is included in the price of a Kitchen Garden Box. For deliveries further afield please talk to us. A delivery fee may apply in areas outside of the delivery area.

Is there an estimated delivery time? What if I’m not home when you deliver?
We deliver on Wednesdays in Bendigo and depending on the number of deliveries we have determines the timing for your delivery. If you aren’t going to be home it is a good idea to have a cool shaded place available for us to leave your Kitchen Garden Box. Please make a note in the delivery instructions to let us know where to leave it. We don’t want to leave your food in a place where it could be spoiled.

Can you deliver to a work address rather than a home address?
Yes, we can deliver to your workplace, just tell us your preferred delivery address and any additional delivery instructions. 

What covid 19 measures do you have in place?
We take your safety seriously at Sugarloaf Ridge Farm and follow strict food safety and hygiene protocols to ensure we reduce the risk to our customers and staff as much as possible. We operate using a COVID safe plan, which includes procedures for workers hygiene and physical distancing, contactless delivery, regular cleaning and record keeping. 

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