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Brian Hosking

I am a third generation food gardener and can always remember having a kitchen garden when I was growing up and wherever I have lived.

After I completed a visual arts degree in 1999, my passion for gardening and sustainable food production led me to design and establish Bendigo’s first community garden – Gravel Hill Gardens. Here I worked for five years teaching permaculture, establishing a local seed bank and plant nursery and starting a Community Supported Agriculture market garden on the two acre site in central Bendigo.

I worked as a kitchen garden specialist in primary schools for 12 years, where I taught children all aspects of food growing, soil husbandry, composting and plant propagation.

Over the last decade I have been working to develop Sugarloaf Ridge Farm where I live and work.


Jonas Hosking

My earliest experiences of gardening were alongside my Dad in our family garden as a child. Having developed a keen interest in plants and soil I have pursued work as a green grocer, landscaper and technician in the soil testing industry.

Recent inspiration from the regenerative agriculture and small scale farming movement has encouraged me to take a role in producing good food for people who are committed to supporting local products and are looking for a personal connection to their food source and the people who grow it.


Frida Petrie

My roots, undoubtedly, had a huge influence on me and my interest in growing food (pardon the pun). My father was raised on a tulip bulb farm on a small island just off the mainland of Holland. My mother being one of ten children grew up on homegrown potatoes, and growing food was an integral part of feeding their very large family. As a child, I remember we always had a kitchen garden and grew our own food.

My husband and I share in our excitement of gardening and growing our own food at home. My background in Graphic Design has inevitably influenced our home gardens. I really enjoy creating beautiful and interesting outdoor spaces in combination with a kitchen garden.

Creating yummy, nutritious meals for our family is very important to me – making nutrient dense food exciting (whilst making it past the tastebuds of our youngest members of the household) is a challenge I enjoy.


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